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There were times when I felt lost,

but that did not stop me,

for the further I went…

the closer I got to it all.

R.M. Drake

Me sailing in front of the Giant Leshan Buddha, a Unesco World Heritage Site in Sichuan Province, China. Read about that adventure here!

Living in China, for the past three years (five non-consecutive years in China and 13 total in Asia!), has taught me a lot in terms of personal growth and proving to myself that I can do many things I didn’t think possible on my own. That isn’t to say that it has all been smooth sailing!

A list of the topics I touch on:

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If split pinky toes are a common characteristic among other nations and races, then why do some Han Chinese feel strongly possessive about it?

First Gen Guilt

There’s a mistaken belief that America remains the “gold mountain” it once was for many immigrants. Being the token American in the family, there’s this expectation that I would give back and possibly sponsor others to gain a foothold in this land of plenty. My lack of money/inability to fulfill dreams comes off as improbable and disrespectful when it’s a known fact that I’m given so many opportunities and freedoms others wish they had.